Health and wellness are important aspects in maintaining productivity in the workplace.  Here are 5 ways you can make healthy habits count.

Pack your lunch. Research shows that people who prepare their meals are more likely to lose weight. Steer clear from fast-food, as  these food types can increase the risk of long-term diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems.

Get rid of smoke breaks. Instead of using the 15 minutes to puff a cigarette, consider taking a walk for fresh air. Studies show that if you ditch smoking by age 40, you can reduce smoking – related deaths by a staggering 90% – more than enough reason for you to quit.

Choose the right snacks. Preparing snacks the night before you go to work can help reduce the urge to buy chips and junk food in the office. Healthy snacks can be made from fruits, nuts and a whole lot more.

Stay fit at the office. If you don’t have the time to hit the gym after work, small exercises can make a huge difference. Take the time to stretch at certain intervals during the day. A couple of minutes of stretching and breathing exercises can increase your focus and productivity.

Be proactive. Ask your employer for any exercise or wellness programs in the workplace. This can be as simple as providing healthy options in the snack machine, or participating in company events, such as fun runs or other sports activities.

Spending 1/3 of your day in the office should count. Find motivation from others who have adapted to healthy habits and be on your way towards workplace wellness.