The brain plays an integral role in decision making and thought generation. Here’s a great article showing 10 of the best psychological findings on the brain.

1. Have you ever wondered why you decide on one thing over another? That is what psychologists call Cognitive Dissonance, where the brain cannot handle 2 contradicting beliefs. The brain influences our decision making and we unconsciously adjust our thoughts to favor one over the other.

2. Just when you think hallucinations are for people with mental disorders, there is a huge number of “normal” people experiencing hallucinations on a regular basis.

3. Your mind expects an immediate result from taking a pill, called the Placebo effect. If you’re taking an aspirin the next time, the initial improvement may not be because the pill is taking effect, but it is your brain telling you that it is expecting the effect to kick in.

4. Humans are naturally obedient to authority. Stanley Milgram made a famous experiment where people were ordered to give electric shocks to another person when ordered. 63% of the participants did so, even if the switchboard was labeled as: “Danger: Severe Shock”.

5. The brain immediately makes a decision, and covers it up with rationalizations. This is called Choice Blindness.

To read the full article on How the Mind Really Works, head to the PSYBlog website.