What’s the worst fear for any smartphone user? Apart from losing data, cracked and broken screens are often on top of the list. It is estimated that 11% of iPhone users have either cracked or broken screens. Smartphone cases have become popular: some are bulky, while other seamless cases offer no protection at all.

In an attempt to address this issue, Apple is developing the first sapphire screen.  Expected to be harder than existing screens in production today, Sapphire offers better protection – but costs more than its glass counterpart. Together with GT Advanced Technologies, Apple is planning to roll off synthetic sapphire production lines expected to double the current output of 100 sapphire manufacturers worldwide. Better protection means less warranty costs for Apple, and new screen technology can raise the iPhone prices up. The current glass used for an iPhone screen costs US$3 to produce, while the newer screen is expected to cost US$16.

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