What makes you happy? We’re sure you’ve been asked this question countless times that it has become a cliché. But as you get older this question starts to make a lot of sense and you start to ask yourself, am I really happy with the life I chose to live? If you are unsure, here are 10 of the most powerful insights to ponder on, guaranteed to make you happy and contented with your life.

imageLet go of the past. A lot of people have been influenced in their life because of their experiences in the past. Sadly, this also includes memories that may have impacted you negatively – but acknowledging this barrier is a good start. Letting go of these thoughts may not be easy, but seeking help and comfort in others will allow you to move forward in life.

Boost your self – esteem. Thinking that you are too inexperienced and not good enough is a thought that you have to consciously block. Do not entertain negative thoughts as this promotes more of things you can’t do, rather than what you can do.

Avoid procrastinating. This is one of those attributes that you should avoid. Start with small plans, and make sure you accomplish those. The sense of fulfillment carries over when you do bigger tasks, and before you know it, you are becoming productive and efficient in whatever tasks you do.

Be accountable for your actions. Blaming others for your mistakes is a sign that you are avoiding responsibility. Examine yourself and think of things you can change to avoid making the same mistake again.

Love your job. Some people are guilty of just living for a paycheck, working for a job just because it pays the bills. A huge portion of your life is spent at work which is also the same time you are spending being unhappy. Find ways to spice up your work by challenging yourself at certain tasks and find fulfillment in what you are doing.

Do not shy away from a challenge. Accepting challenges in life can mean victory or defeat, but in the end it makes you a better person. Shying away from challenges only means that you are not making the conscious effort to change.

You and your life experiences are unique. Your life and success should not be based on what you don’t have and what others have. Each individual has their own challenges at different times in their life. Comparing yourself to others will only make you feel inferior and this is one of those feelings you should avoid. Remember to live life at your own pace.

Be grateful. Whether it is a good or a bad experience in life, be grateful. This allows you to assess yourself and find purpose in your life. Be thankful for each waking day.

Give yourself a pat in the back. If other people need it, so do you. Do not be afraid to look yourself in the mirror and give yourself the praise that you deserve. Be careful though, as there is a fine line between self affirmation and inflating your ego, and you should avoid the latter.

Be yourself. Another one of those cliché statements, but this is often the most powerful. Examine what you really want in life, not because those are the standards set by society.

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