hyundai_ix_35_car_photos_collectionThe Hyundai ix35 built from January 2011 to December 2013 has been recalled by the manufacturer due to airbag safety issues. 32,525 ix35’s have been equipped with an incorrectly tightened bolt that can cause misalignments in the airbag module, affecting its deployment and functionality of the horn. As of this time no incidents have been reported in Australia but a rattling sound in the steering wheel may be noticed for affected units.

The latest incident is part of the latest recall involving over 137,500 units from Hyundai. In January, the South Korean car maker has also been involved in a recall of 6,193 ix35’s due to a possible seatbelt malfunction. Affected Hyundai customers will be notified via mail to avail of a free car checkup and bolt tightening service.

Read more about this on the Cairns Post website.

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