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November 6, 2014 2:47 pm

Are First Home Buyers Conceding Home Ownership By Renting?


Median house prices have reached a record high for all capital cities, increasing to $681,640 for the month of October making houses out of reach for First Home buyers. In a recent study by PRDnationwide, the average First home buyer in Melbourne can only afford spending around $400,000, way below than the current house median price of $715,694. But is this really all there is to the story? News of unaffordability have been widespread that First home buyers are losing hope and opted to rent. Looking at the situation closely reveals that the median price would mean that there are [...]

Are First Home Buyers Conceding Home Ownership By Renting?2023-03-03T00:01:37+10:00

February 4, 2014 12:02 pm

Can You Still Afford to Buy Property


Australian housing has been on the rise for the past years. With the strong demand for property, it is inevitable that house prices catch up. The median price of houses across Australia now stands at $575,000, with Sydney being the most expensive at $775,000, and Hobart as the least at $350,000. The median price has steadily increased, and for 2013 it rose by 9.8% from the previous year. Cameron Kusher, Senior Research Analyst at RP Data has 7 telltale reasons why Australian Housing is expensive. He points out that Australians are high earners compared to other countries. More than half [...]

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