StoreDot, an Israeli start up is promising to change the way we charge our phone batteries. The task of having to wait for up to 2 hours will be significantly reduced with this new innovation, which claims to charge your phone in just 30 seconds.

Presenting their prototype battery at the Think Next Symposium in Tel Aviv, the company demonstrated how they were able to charge a Samsung Galaxy S4 in around 30 seconds. The battery – about the size of 2 cigarette packs, is made of peptides from a chain of amino acids. When these are used to create semiconductors for batteries, it charges faster and more stable than regular battery charging materials. Amino acids are naturally occurring building blocks of protein in the human body.

Biology coexisting with technology has been a trick that has evolved for millions of years, according to University of Queensland Associate Professor Ben Powell. The only challenge is to produce these innovations at a larger scale, as most companies are not setup to accommodate these at the moment.

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