Did you know that the common paper clips and binder clips can save you a lot of time and effort in keeping your office space organized? You can also use toilet paper rolls to keep your cords from tangling by creating a simple cord organizer. Here are some of the coolest hacks we can find to improve your productivity and keep you organized at the office.


  • Binder Clip Organizers. These life savers are not just meant to keep your envelopes shut, as it can also be used to organize all kinds of cables.



  • Paper Clip Stands. Paper clips can be used to create a stand for just about any phone.



  • Toilet Paper Cord Organizers. These toilet paper rolls can be used to organize your cables, especially those that are thick and tedious to tie.



  • Spring Cord Protection. Most cables get damaged because of too much wriggling. Here’s the ultimate solution: roll a spring cord around the base to protect your cables to extend its life.



  • Headphone Magnet. Recent release of the Mac have monitor screens that are magnetic, good for keeping your headphones tidy.



  • Bread Tie Cord Labels. Reaching over the back of your desk trying to find the right cord can be a pain. Not anymore, as you can use your bread ties as cord labels.



  • Stickynote Keyboard Cleaner. A great way to clean your keyboard is to run through the sticky end of a note to remove dust and dirt and keep your work space tidy.

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