Most Financial planners and advisers don’t know how to deal with a falling market but there are tried and tested methods to minimize your losses and even make money in a falling market. Prudent implementation of stop losses will limit the damage and counter cyclic tactics will then do the rest.

But it’s not just these insurances that you need through life, you need to protect you income and health for the benefit of you family and you peace of mind. That’s why we can assist you with a range of income protection and personal insurances which will take the financial burden out of the equation if something goes wrong.

In a number of cases, as an overall financial strategy, we can arrange for your superfund to pay for some insurances which is more tax effective and doesn’t eat into your day to day money. For More information, call us today on 1300 139 883 or complete your details on our contact us form, and we’ll call you back right away.