Macintosh computers are immune to infections. Although Apple claimed in the past that it doesn’t get any PC viruses, this was changed when a 2012 infection plagued Macintosh units. This only goes to show that both Mac’s and PC’s are susceptible to user – intervened infections, such as a Trojan – when installed on the system unassumingly.

Surf the web anonymously using Incognito / Private modes. Incognito and Private browsing allows the user to surf the web without keeping track of their history and automatic sign – ins to your account. This doesn’t mean that you are anonymously surfing the web, though. Servers can still identify and trace back your online activities to you.

Charging overnight destroys your battery. Overcharging is not entirely a myth but leaving your phone charging overnight is. Newer phones use a lithium – ion battery that stops charging as soon as it has reached full capacity.

The more megapixels, the better. Megapixels are nothing more than just a unit of measurement for the number of million pixels your device can handle. This doesn’t immediately mean that a 12MP phone is better than 8MP device in terms of picture quality. This depends on how large the image sensor is on every pixel. The bigger the sensor on the pixel, the better image quality you can produce.

You should only charge when your phone asks for it. All batteries are rated with a number of charge cycle until it loses its ability to hold a charge. Plugging in the battery when it is just halfway empty does not disrupt this cycle.

High resolution smartphones are better. The human eye – on the average, can only see differences in a display up to 300 pixels per inch. Tech experts ran a test and claims we cannot distinguish a 2560×1440 from a 1920×1080 resolution. This is also a primary reason why major tech companies, such as Apple focus more on improving their brightness settings rather than resolution.

You should not shut down your computer every day. Most people believe that putting their PC’s to sleep is enough rest for your device. Completely shutting down your computer allows electronic components to last longer, as there is less or no stress placed on them when the device is completely shut off.

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