Gone are the days when you had to do things manually, from searching for a number on the phone book to hand washing your clothes. With the advent of technology in almost all aspects of our daily lives, the day may come where we would barely lift a finger to accomplish our tasks.

Things we used to do before technology took over

Mozy conducted a study of the 50 things we don’t do anymore because of technology, and here’s the top 10 on the list.

  1. Call theaters to get accurate movie times.
  2. Visit a travel agent’s office to research vacations.
  3. Record your favorite programs using a VHS recorder.
  4. Dial Directory Assistance to find out someone’s number.
  5. Use public telephones.
  6. Book tickets for events over the phone.
  7. Print photographs.
  8. Put a classified ad in a store window.
  9. Call the 24 – hour operator to get the exact time.
  10. Carry portable cassettes or CD players.

Read more about this on the Mozy website.