Uber is an American transportation company that uses a mobile app to connect passengers with drivers using their for hire or ridesharing services. Initially, Uber offered luxury cars for their services and eventually started offering a wide variety of vehicles to use their services. A worldwide service, Uber was introduced to the Sydney market and is under scrutiny from the NSW Taxi Council.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Services have requested a meeting with Uber to clarify how the NSW Passenger Transport Act applies to their service. With the recent introduction of their ridesharing service, drivers can transport passengers around Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. NSW Taxi Council chief executive Roy Wakelin-King has raised concerns about the safety of the service, citing that there are no background checks done to the vehicle and the driver as well as regulations sanctioned by the NSW Government.

The Uber service cost less than the regular taxi fare and “With more options, consumers win, drivers win and Australia’s cities win,” according to Uber Sydney General Manager David Rohrsheim

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